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The FlowersFromCalifornia.com Story

Incredibly, FlowersFromCalifornia.com grew from a passion for fresh, local food. Inspired by books such as Michael Pollen's Omnivore's Dilemma, Amy Stewart's Flower Confidential and more recently by Debra Prinzing's 50 Mile Bouquet, FlowersFromCalifornia.com was born as a labor of love to make locally grown flowers more accessible. There just had to be a way to reduce the carbon footprint created by flying refrigerated, cold-chain sensitive, perishable flowers half way around the world. Initially it was hard to imagine how to persuade customers to buy what looks to be an identical product at a higher price just because it traveled a shorter distance.

But, with recent increasing diversification of flower crops in California, FlowersFromCalifornia can now offer the public flowers and other botanical ingredients that the traditional floral industry rarely sees. California flowers add local flavor, from higher quality everyday favorites and also the more uncommon and gorgeous blooms, buds, blooms, branches, leaves, berries, vines, decorative edibles to whatever seasonal treats growers can harvest. Sustainable flowers are breathtakingly gorgeous, and natural-looking, creating spectacular and seasonally beautiful arrangements.

The icing on the cake is that, thanks in part to California farmers' innovation in growing techniques and a large part to renegotiated shipping carrier rates, it is now even cheaper to offer higher-quality, freshly picked, local and sustainable flowers than the same imported bouquet. Buying local flowers is becoming a no-brainer. The changing price structure is really turning the industry on its head. Whereas organic flowers used to appear to be an unnecessary luxury item, it’s now the expensive, out of season, chemically induced blooms grown thousands of miles away that seem like a foolish splurge. Unlike imported flowers that spend often longer than 6 days in the box before they reach the wholesaler's cooler, local flowers get to customers quicker and thus last longer in the vase.

Much credit is due to the locavore movement for raising awareness about lifestyle choices. With a devoted following of informed, local consumers who will buy on conscience, people are hungry for anything real. In short, local grown floral is making a huge comeback. We are honored to be able to make California grown flowers available to those who are searching for them.

It is our dream that sustainable and locally grown flowers will become as irresistible and sought-after as locally harvested organic fruit and vegetables. We hope that the field-to-table and farm-to-fork movements can intertwine and support eachothers' growth with communities becoming increasingly resource-conscious and collaborative.

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