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California Floral Greens

From Watsonville, CA
Specialized In: Greenery

Year in operation: Over 60

A favorite family run company, California Floral Greens first opened its doors in 1954. In their greenhouses in Watsonville, CA, they grow many types of foliage and leaf greenery, mainly for garlands and fillers for bouquets.

What we learned from the growers at California Floral Greens is just how difficult it is to pick greenery. Although there's definitely a technique to be learned when harvesting most types of flowers, picking leaf greenery is a different story altogether and is actually a highly skilled task. Expert workers wade knee deep in greenery, folded double at the waist to select the perfect branch. They leave those that are not quite mature enough and select those without imperfections, choosing the utmost perfect stem among many. Stems are bunched in 10 and workers can harvest up to 600 bunches of perfectly pristine greenery per day!

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California Floral Greens