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From Watsonville, CA
Specialized In: Calla Lilies

Year in operation: Over 100!

CallaCo not only grows some of the highest quality calla lily flowers in the world, they breed, develop and hybridize the newest calla lily colors, shades and varieties also! Parent company Golden State Bulb Growers is responsible for the floriculture side of things, producing the calla tubers and bulbs which are planted and transformed into the beautiful blooms grown by CallaCo. In fact they helped create the recent trend for colored mini calla lilies as their meticulous breeding program produced new hybrid calla varieties in a rainbow of vivid shades that the flower culture went crazy over. Suddenly, due to their expert breeding program, with healthy tubers it was possible to grow healthy, vibrant flowers!

in 1910, founder James A. Brown purchased 5 acres of coastal land. Today, CallaCo operates over 1,000 acres of land for cut flower and bulb production and still maintains its roots as a family compa...

Calla Co