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Field Fresh Bouquet


Truly field to vase, bring a gorgeous, hand-crafted bouquet of in-season, local California grown flowers and wildflowers home to your table and support our California flower farmers! This field fresh bouquet includes traditional Springtime flowers (the mix varies depending on flower availability in a particular week). Wrapped with brown paper and tied with string, our seasonal spring bouquet is shipped directly from the flower farm to your door.

Availability: March, April & May

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Field Fresh Flowers Bouquet

Our field fresh seasonal bouquet includes an artful mix of in-season, california locally grown flowers and wildflowers. Wrapped with brown paper and tied with string, this hand-crafted bouquet will transport your imagination directly to the blooming CA flower farm. Never stored or warehoused, this bouquet is shipped directly from the grower's field to you so that the flowers are as fresh as can be. (Vase not included)

Flowers:  Please note that the bouquet image is only an example of the flowers you may receive in the Seasonal Bouquet and that flower colors and varieties may vary, depending on availability. Glass vase pictured is for display purposes only and is not available for purchase.

Color: A delightful mix of all the pretty shades in season in California!

Size: 15-25 inches tall

Availability: Year Round. Flowers vary with season


All our seasonal flower bouquets are shipped directly from our California farms, overnight with FedEx, UPS or OnTrak. Most flowers in the bouquets are shipped in partial bud form and need 1 to 3 days of opening time. When you receive the flowers, immediately open the box, gently remove any packaging and lift them out of the box. Your flowers will likely need a little tender loving care, as they have been without water for more than a few hours. You’ll notice this because the stems may look a little soft and tired. This is quite normal and the flowers will noticeably perk up and look crisper after they have been in water for 4 to 6 hours.

With a sharp knife, trim 1/2 inch off the ends of the stems on angle (so that the stems end up with a slanted edge - this will allow them to take up more water). Try to remove any leaves or foliage that may end up submerged in water in the vase (underwater leaves breed bacteria and can shorten vase life). Place the flowers in plenty of fresh, cold water from the faucet. Keep them in a cool, somewhat dark location, away from direct sunlight (so not in a window) and heat sources (not next to the oven!).

Keep a good eye on the water level in the vase as sometimes flowers will drink a lot in a short time. If you see the water getting cloudy or murky, replace it with fresh water immediately. A good practice is to recut the ends of the stems and change the water in the vase every 24 hours. Also please keep in mind that the cooler the temperature, the longer the flowers will last. Enjoy your local California grown Spring flowers!


Our seasonal bouquets are shipped overnight from their California fields with UPS, FedEx or OnTrac. We can deliver the flowers on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays. As you place your order, please view the recommended delivery day for your specific flowers on the delivery date calendar above. If you are still unsure about which delivery date to choose, please give us a call and we will be happy to advise.

Here is some information about how you will receive your flowers:

- Deliveries should arrive before 5pm on your chosen delivery date (Most often, they arrive before 10:30am).The exact delivery time is specific to your address, so please contact FedEx/UPS/OnTrac if you need to double check.

- You will receive a tracking number via email which you can use to track your order online

- Please arrange to have someone available at the delivery address to receive the flowers on the day of delivery. It is important that the flowers be attended to and placed in water as soon as possible after they are delivered. Sometimes carriers will require a signature at the time of delivery. If  no one is home and you miss your delivery, please contact FedEx at 1(800) GO FEDEX or UPS at 1(800) 782-7892 or OnTrac at 1(800) 334-5000 to reschedule.

- FedEx/UPS/OnTrac will not accept orders without a valid and working telephone number so please make sure the number you enter is correct when placing your order.

- Please double check that you enter a correct shipping address when placing your order. Changes to delivery location may require a $20 fee and may not even be possible as the delivery date approaches.

- FlowersFromCalifornia.com is not responsible for orders once in the hands of the carrier. For orders that are received before or after their specified delivery date, lost, stolen or damaged, please contact FedEx/UPS/OnTrac directly.

- We can arrange shipments to Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska and Canada. Please send an email to info@FlowersFromCalifornia.com to double check if there are any shipping or import surcharges and to confirm your total price.

THE FlowersFromCalifornia.com GUARANTEE: 

Before we start, we’d like to let you know that the flowers you will be receiving will be fresh unlike any fresh you have known before! Our California flowers are harvested and then shipped overnight directly to you, so you get them the day after they leave their farm.  Not to toot our own horn, but really, it is highly unlikely that you will experience a problem with these flowers!

However, we know that a little peace of mind never hurts, and occasionally events are out of our control, so here’s our guarantee:

In the rare case that you receive flowers that are damaged, you can choose to either:
1.  Have a second identical order of fresh flowers reshipped to you.
2.  Receive a complete refund

In order to take advantage of our guarantee, it is important that you notify us about any issues within 4 hours after your flowers are delivered. Just email us images of the damaged flowers, put all flowers back in the box they came in and set it by your front door. We will arrange for the box to be picked up and returned to us. Please check out our complete Guarantee text.