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California lavender anemones feature characteristic papery petals around a large dramatic center. Anemones are gorgeous California wildflowers!

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flower combo

Flower Name: Flower: Anemones Color: Lavender with hints of pink, blue or purple Number of Blooms Per stem: 1 Flower Diameter: 1 to 2 inches Stem Length: 12-24 inches tall

All our Anemone flowers are shipped directly from our California farms, overnight with FedEx, UPS or OnTrak. When you receive them, they will need a little tender loving care, as they have been without water for more than a few hours. Immediately open the box, gently remove any packaging around the flowers and lift the flowers out of the box. With a sharp knife, trim 1/2 inch off the ends of the stems on an angle (so that the stems end up with a slanted edge - this will allow them to take up more water). Place the stems in 2-3 inches of fresh, cool water from the faucet.
Flowers are shipped overnight from California. We recommend selecting a delivery date that is at least 2 days before the date on which you need to use the flowers. This is because the flowers need a day or two to refresh after their trip to you and also to fully open. If you plan to use the flowers on Saturday, please select a delivery date on the Thursday before. If you plan to use the flowers on Friday, please select a delivery date the Wednesday before. If you are unsure about which delivery date to choose, please give us a call and we will be happy to advise.