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Skyline Flower Growers

From Oxnard, CA
Specialized In: SnapdragonsDahliasRanunculusAnemones

Year in operation: Over 60!

It's hard to believe, but this 200 acre flower operation was started just after the great depression by a single mother of six, Gertie Goldberg. Gertie started selling posies of gladiolus out of her home, which was across the street from the cemetary. Soon she had enough resources to build a few greenhouses and in the 1940s the family expanded their offering to include daffodils and zinnias.

After serving in the US Army during WWII and the Korean War, Gertie's son, LeRoy Goldberg, set about revitalizing the family business. In 1954 LeRoy purchased 10 acres of the richest farmland soil in Oxnard. As business blossomed under the warm C...

Skyline Flower Growers